1. Though it may not seem so, Wade is actually cultured. He loves reading, he visits lot of foreign places due to his mercenary job and he speaks fluently more languages. Peter is amazed and he often asks him info, oddities about different cultures and so on.

    Submitted by lafaiette

  3. Deadpool and Spiderman never got together, they’re best friends in love, only matched by their denial. They avoid the topic and dance around the line of ‘too far’ for so long, it’s even getting on the nerves of other superheroes. After Deadpool has gotten rid of his healing factor, he’s become vulnerable again, more fragile as a hero, and a little too unused to the fact, so Spiderman helps him out…right up until ‘helping him out’ means taking a shot to the gut for Wade. It’s when Spidey’s guts are hanging out in his hands that Wade has his first moment of absolute lucidity in decades. As it turns out, a sane Deadpool is utterly silent as he makes a bloodbath of his enemies.

    Submitted by catc10

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    Of course!

  5. Before he became Deadpool, Wade was a big fan of Spiderman and followed his career. Once he and one of his buddies went to Comic con and saw Spiderman, The Avengers and some other superheroes answer questions. Up until the day he and Peter actually met, that day was the best day in Wade’s life.

    Submitted by robynmas

  6. Wade is obsessed with the album So Called Chaos by Alanis Morissette. When Peter asked him why, Wade rattled off something about the album being about Ryan Reynolds. “If it’s about Ryan Reynolds, it’s pretty much about me.” Peter stopped listening when Wade said something about an X-Men movie and how Deadpool was played by Ryan Reynolds.

    Submitted by redheadscientist

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    When Wade wins at a videogame against Peter he sings, yells victory chants and makes such a fuss that Peter starts to get really angry, Wade notices this and tries to make him happy by hugging him, messing his hair and doing silly gestures, Peter can´t help but smiling and hugging him back.  And they repeat this over and over again.

    Submitted by kogaxe

  8. When Peter gets home from a night of crime fighting that is particularly brutal he texts wade. when wade gets the texts he drops everything he’s doing and breaks into Stark Tower and cuddles Peter on the bed and the watch a movie together until Peter falls asleep.

    Submitted byblueyes987 

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  10. Peter learns Wade is the jealous type when he introduces him to Gwen and Flash.

    Submitted by someonefinallystarted